2014 begins here!

For those of you that may not know… September is big news in the vineyard!

It’s during September that vines grown in the southern hemisphere kick off their annual growth cycle with ‘budburst’. Last month our vines were busy ‘bleeding’ or ‘weeping’ in preparation for budburst to begin. Despite the melancholy name, this process is the heady first sign that our vines are coming back to life after winter!! During August warmer soils awaken a vine’s root system, driving sap into the upper reaches of the vine. Weeping droplets of water hanging from a vine’s softening cane is the surest sign of the coming revival! Over the next few weeks, green shoots will burst from swelling buds and the 2014 season will have begun!

In recent weeks, Atika teamed with Country Chef of the Year, Gary Cooper, to present the ‘Nostalgia’ dinner at Bella Vedere restaurant. This ingenious dinner saw Atika wine paired with Cooper’s comfort food to arouse sentimental or nostalgic feelings in those eating (and drinking!!). Over 5 sentimental courses with Atika Tempranillo and Chardonnay, Cooper tenderly guided us through the flavours of our past. If transcendent food and wine experiences are what you’re looking for, stay tuned for Atika’s coming events!!





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